What We Do

We Anticipate Your Needs,
  Provide Dedicated Service to Your Property,
    And Protect Your Property's Value.

anticipate your needs

We Will Foresee Your Property's Needs

We realize that managing your property is important, regardless of how busy your schedule may be. Sequoia Management has 31 years of experience to assist with managing your community or property to make it an efficient and ultimately a more pleasant experience. We provide the proper contractor recommendations, manage all aspects of your community property, property maintenance, perform assignments delegated by the board, investigate and handle disputes and resolutions, facilitate in reviewing your community or building budgets, track expenses, make routine visits to ensure that your property is safe and properly maintained, and assist with insurance and legal issues. We anticipate your needs so that you may focus on other matters.

Provide dedicated service to your property

Our Dedicated and Experienced Team Service Your Property

We provide a dedicated manager and assistant to every property. Our experienced and efficient representatives attend board meetings and guide your committee in your decision-making. Because of our ongoing training and industry knowledge, we are able to lead you in making the best decisions regarding your property's unique challenges. Our helpful Sequoia employees conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times. We enhance the lives of the people we serve by providing dedication and service to your property.

Protects your Property Value

We Assist with Protecting Your Property's Worth

Because our management style is hands-on, our Sequoia team helps protect one of your most important assets. We are able to assist property owners in running your property more smoothly to preserve the home or building resale value. We have the expertise to recommend and negotiate with contractors who are able to perform the day-to-day responsibilities to maintain a good quality neighborhood.