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"I want to tell you how pleased the Board is with Genel Clark. She was prepared to offer solutions for the future of Treebrooke community. I learned more about Treebrooke’s business contracts, banking situations and more through my interaction with her... She has kindly returned calls to our condo owners and it is a pleasant change... Genel is a blessing to Treebrooke. I already see benefit changes that will be happening for the future of our community... Her suggestions and work endeavors, on behalf of Treebrooke, are greatly appreciated."
Treebrooke Condominium Board Member
January 2018

"Sharon is a consummate professional... Sharon always thoroughly answered questions expediently... she contributes to the feeling of neighborhood that we seek in the places we call home. I will miss Sharon for her sincerity in a place that is so transient that it is even more important to have and to foster qualities that bring us together instead of keep us apart. Thank you for having the wisdom in finding and hiring her to care for our community. Even though this is a business, Sharon shows that she has not lost the meaning and the power of WELCOME HOME. She has my enduring appreciation for her words and deeds and actions."
Sequoia Farms Resident
December 2017

"I am reaching out to make you aware of the excellent customer service provided by Emmanuel deLeon. Emmanuel is responsive, professional, and a pleasure to work with at our Ashburn Filigree Court clinic. In my encounters with him he goes above and beyond to complete any task requested and does it in a timely manner...I would like to recommend Emmanuel be a candidate for recognition and award."
Ashburn Filigree Court clinic
December 2017

"I wanted to take a [moment] to thank Sequoia for the well maintained landscape at Vintage Place in Reston. I have lived in a number of HOA communities all over the US and Sequoia stays 'ahead' of the landscaping and snow removal projects. The recent tree trimming and removal and well-scheduled lawn service are quite evident and APPRECIATED. Yesterday's tree trimming was a surprise and welcomed. It brightened up the paring areas considerably. The lawn service is much better this year, on a more even schedule, even with the rain, and has rarely gotten too tall. "
Vintage Place Resident
September 2017

"[Please give Sharon] 'kudos' for making each resident feel like their voice is heard and that Sequoia Management really cares about the community. Just the other day I noticed that our swing set chains needed replacing and sent her an email requesting that. She just responded saying it would be done...that really puts me at ease to know my kids are playing on safe equipment. Please keep up the great work!""
Jeff A.
July 2017

"I wanted to recognize the responsive service I have received from Racheal. It is like night and day versus what we received from the previous management company... "
George V.
May 15, 2017

"...I wanted you to know about the superb job that our Senior Community Property Manager, Catherine Follin, is doing for our FOG community. This petite lady is a dynamo juggling all of her other communities but still finds the time to conduct her inspections in our community and handles our endless needs and concerns.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Ms. Follin... [since] December of 2014... being a property manager is a thankless job and it takes a special person who can listen but still be firm with homeowners when they are in violation... Catherine’s energy and positive attitude when times get tough is amazing... I would ask that you please commend Ms. Follin for her service and thank her for a job well done! "
Christina P.
May 9, 2017

"Sequoia Farms has had a solid relationship with Sequoia Management through your representative, Jen Darwin... She has presented the support for our community to us in a way that is professional, personal, and inspiring. Even as we had a season from 2008-2012 when we were on duty overseas, she became a key and positive point of contact for us if any issues arose concerning our property or the area surrounding it... In the past we have even had some difficult situations with neighbors. She did well helping us navigate through in a way that served us all... through our experience this week with a tree that was damaged by a storm, and hanging dangerously over Sequoia Farms drive, she showed herself to be quickly responsive ...even... after office hours... Her exemplary response this week and through the years should be noted and honored...it gives us a sense of confidence to know someone like her is supporting our community… "
Dave and Drew A.
April 11, 2017

"I would like to take moment to recognize our Community Manager, Racheal Gore. Jacksons Ridge like many other communities has its challenges but having Racheal on our account this past year and to date has really been a wonderful experience. Racheal is extremely professional and fantastic at keeping myself and the board up today on all matters.

Racheal has been great at keeping on top of the many projects and individual issues at Jacksons Ridge giving the board confidence that we are moving forward as a community. We appreciate all of her tireless help on some of our most challenging issues and felt she deserved recognition."
Scott E., Board Member
March 17, 2017

"Thank you so much for all that you've done for FrontPoint over the last 9 years... I will miss you and all the help that you've given to FrontPoint. It's helped contribute to our success..."
Aaron S., Homeowner

"[Mr. Edwards'] efforts in conducting scheduled architectural inspections, coordinating asphalt and concrete repair and replacement and routine walkthroughs, coordinating with vendors, handling resident inquiries, preparing the budget, providing meeting support, and preparing and participating in board meetings have resulted in a safe, maintained, and inviting community as it continues to age. Ms. Cruz provides additional support for daily operations, meeting support, and assisting with projects. Ms. Cruz has remained polite and helpful when speaking with our residents... The Board of Directors would like to extend its appreciation to you for both your positive attitudes and professional demeanor when participating in projects that benefit all of our residents."
Audrey S., President of HOA for Cannon Ridge Homes Association

"The Board would like to thank Sequoia Management (specifically, our representative, Shannon Cook) for her tireless efforts over the past 96 hours. I have seen some unfair criticisms of Sequoia Management relating to the storm. Note that Sequoia Management is not responsible for SMG's inability to work the property...Shannon was in constant communications with the Board (sometimes as late as midnight) and without her efforts to locate Battlefield Towing, the townhome residents may still be stuck. [We] thank her personally for everything she did to help Windermere."
HOA Board of Windermere

"I want to compliment Sequoia and your the landscape contractor who plowed the 29" of snow Friday through Saturday with the plow truck and yesterday morning when they were cleaning up the entrance area with the small bucket machine. The plow driver was very courteous and professional when we talked with him briefly. The plowing was much better than last year's plowing because the driver pushed the snow away from the entrance...

Our neighbor development... did not fare so well with their plow company who left their development only half plowed. Well done to the contractor and Sequoia management."
Kevin N., Homeowner

"I have been part of the Board for three years now. Having worked with the previous management company and now with Sequoia, it feels like night and day. On behalf of the Board, [we are] happy to note that we made a great decision in selecting Sequoia for our HOA management.

We would like to convey our appreciation to Shannon and her team. Shannon is very professional, proactive, and does follow-up work in a timely fashion. She is a great asset to your company.
" Kandi R., President of the HOA for Village of Waxpool

"There are many concerns when an association is looking to establish a relationship with a property manager. For me, the core necessities are Passion, Integrity, and Honor built on top of a proven foundation for handling minutiae as well as shepherding very valuable assets.

They are well organized, able to work independently, trustable, timely, willing to fight on decisions that matter, able to make concessions when needed and take pride themselves in doing their job and doing it right. These traits are crucial in the long-term management of any association.
" Kevin M, Manager of Peregrine Real Estate, L.C.

"[Sequoia] delivered beyond exceptional customer service to me in our interactions... well spoken, organized and was very helpful every time... always replied promptly, followed up and managed any issues I had... It is refreshing to receive such wonderful customer service..."
Jillian R., Homeowner

"The property manager for two years has done a wonderful job and is very conscientious and dedicated to taking care of our community to the last detail on all matters. The care that the property manager gives to our community has not gone unnoticed."
Jeffrey B., President of HOA

"Responded very promptly... always has a pleasant demeanor at every encounter... projects the same professionalism and courtesy... were still willing to go the extra mile and assistwherever needed. Our entire staff appreciates their high standard of service and excellent maintenance skills."
Lindy S., Commercial Property Manager

"Very professional ...Excellent customer service ...Please express my appreciation to Sequoia Management... for a job well done.
Deborah L., Board Member

"Timely in responding to e-mail, as well as being informative and pleasant... We are pleased to have dealt with such great people at Sequoia"
Jocelyn A., Homeowner

"Excellent professional, a dedicated person...answered all of our questions and complaints with professionalism and in a prompt manner. ...excellent customer support... dedication and service"
Christian L., Homeowner

"We appreciate the professional and helpful management you have provided...You definitely maintained the good quality neighborhood we value."
Jonathan W., previous Homeowner

"Sequoia Management has certainly made the task of running the association much easier and a more pleasant experience... have gone above and beyond in numerous instances when they did not have to in order to insure the well-being of all the homeowners."
Nancy N., former Board Member

"Thank you for your prompt, courteous, professional service."

William K., Homeowner

"...responsive, firm, pleasant, decisive, and with calm assurance... I appreciate [your] administrative skills, manners, and good office courtesy."

Colette B., Homeowner

"...mastered the art of property management, building upon her basic work ethic and emphasis on customer service...has an established record of integrity and hard work in her dealings...a habit of showing compassion to all those affected by her recommendations and decisions."
Mark C., former President of HOA

"...incredibly helpful and responsive... professional, knowledgeable, extremely competent, warm and helpful."
Aimee L., Homeowner

"...was pleasant at all times and patiently advised me of the process to be followed to rectify my problem....I still wish to advise you of her excellent customer service...helpful at a very stressful time"
Jean M., Homeowner